We Need Leaders Now—More Than Ever

But if you want to build a thriving organization, you need to be a particular type of leader: one with a compelling vision for the future of your organization, the confidence to communicate this vision clearly to your team and a clear, practical framework to align your entire organization toward realizing this future.

Does this sound like you? Or are you stuck in the day-to-day of your business, spending your time putting out fires and feeling like you can never quite get ahead?

That’s where McArdle Business Advisors comes in.

Growing Leaders, Growing Companies: Meet Kevin McArdle

Are you stuck?
Kevin McArdle brings 30+ years of domestic and international business experience to bear in helping your organization move forward. Kevin received the Star of Excellence twice during his career at Medtronic, and he’s also the founder of three successful companies. When you choose Kevin as your business advisor, you’re getting a seasoned business leader with insights honed from real-world experience.

Kevin has spent the majority of his career developing leaders and high-performance teams to create high-performance organizations. We believe everything begins and ends with the leadership of an organization, and Kevin has spent his career putting this philosophy into action. We’ll help you focus on growing your company’s leaders to grow your company.

We approach consulting differently. Many consultants create dependency. They build systems based on rules and frameworks that only work when they’re around. We believe in the opposite. Our ultimate goal for you is independence. Kevin is a teacher, a facilitator and a coach who believes it’s his job to equip you with a set of tools. He will teach you how to leverage them, but once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to move forward on your own. We can continue to support you with increasing levels of mastery, as needed, but the system will continue to work for you, even without our continued involvement.

If you’d like to discuss how McArdle Business Advisors can help your organization get traction for healthy growth, book a complimentary 90-minute Executive Alignment Session with Kevin today. To schedule your session, call 866-210-6434 or email Kevin directly at kmcardle@McArdleBusinessAdvisors.com.