4 Beliefs That Are Hurting Your Marketing Results

Are You Wasting Your Time with Research?

If your marketing initiatives aren’t producing the results you’d hoped for this year, take a look at the following list of beliefs that might be holding you back. Are you struggling to attract quality leads for your sales team to close? Is your marketing attracting interest, but zero action? If you’re seeing these issues—or others—eliminating these beliefs will position you to create marketing strategies that move potential customers toward a quick investment.

Damaging Belief #1: More Descriptions, Diagrams and Demos Are Better
Take a look at your sales and marketing funnel. Are your prospective customers bombarded by a crushing volume of slides, concepts, diagrams, videos, demos and more? So many marketing professionals believe that if they just add one more description, diagram or sentence, they’ll influence a sale. However, when you keep throwing more and more at your prospects, you’ll overwhelm them, and they’ll look elsewhere for a solution that reduces stress, not creates it. However, if you can provide solutions that simplify their buying process, you’ll move yourself much closer to a sale.

Damaging Belief #2: Your Product Is the Hero
The “product as hero” myth is a prevailing one, and many companies buy into it enthusiastically. When customers buy, the myth goes, it’s because the product is great. When they don’t, it’s a sales failure. Of course, you should always work to create a superior product—but you shouldn’t make your product your hero. Make your customers the hero. When you put your customers at the center of your world, they’ll stick with you even when new, flashy products hit the market.

Damaging Belief #3: Your Brand Doesn’t Have to Be Different
Your customers should immediately understand what’s better or different about your solutions—in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them. Does your messaging make it crystal clear why your customers should choose you over the dozens of other companies in the marketplace? If not, you’ll never truly get ahead of the competition. Don’t forget to discuss your differences in ways that are important to your customers, not just the ways that resonate for you as a company.

Damaging Belief #4: Lead with Benefits
Of course, your solution offers your customers a chance for something better: a shorter to-do list, more qualified leads, more revenue per sale, etc. However, those benefits don’t mean nearly as much without context. What’s the power of Advil if you don’t have a headache? When you set the proper context, your customers will understand why they should be paying attention to what you have to say. Additionally, they understand why they need your product and why they need it now, leading to a much faster sale.

If you recognize any of these beliefs, there’s good news: Removing even one of these beliefs can help jumpstart your marketing results. By simplifying the information you put in front of your prospects, making them the heroes, differentiating yourself and adding the crucial context that makes your solution pop, you’ll create much more effective marketing strategies—the kind that get results.


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