Are You Building an “Us” and “Them” Environment?

Are You Wasting Your Time with Research?

Although I try to avoid it at all costs, sometimes a consulting engagement can divide teams into "them" (the client) and "us" (the consultants). This is an unfortunate circumstance, and it usually makes change difficult, if not impossible. Have you ever had a contract like this? I’m sure it made producing results very difficult.

However, the opposite also happens, where a synergy with a client is so great that all barriers fall away and both the consultants and the clients work together as one big team.

This happened to me a few years ago when I worked with the Taylor Corporation, one of the largest privately-held corporations in the US, to help turn their marketing and printing business around. During the engagement, I worked closely with Taylor’s Chief Sales Officer, Todd Alexander.

Todd and I hit it off immediately, probably because our skill sets complimented each other so well. I’d spent my career as an entrepreneur, consulting as an "outsider" to help emerging, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies differentiate themselves from their competitors to grow their market share. Todd spent his entire career as the ultimate "sales insider," starting in individual sales, continuing into sales leadership roles and working his way all the way to Chief Sales Officer of Taylor.

We could have seen ourselves as adversaries. Todd could have seen me as a threat to his authority and I could have seen him as an obstacle to the changes that Taylor needed to undertake.

However, we each recognized the unique value that the other brought to the table, and we worked side by side with both the sales and marketing departments at Taylor to create incredible results. In fact, under our mutual guidance, the Taylor Strategic Accounts program saw wins very quickly, successfully closing their first multi-million-dollar proposal within the first few months.

Todd eventually went out on his own as a business consultant, and he and I continued to work together, creating results for other clients.

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership: Todd has agreed to partner with me on the Revenue Roundtable. We’re assembling these powerful mastermind groups now, and, when you join, you’ll benefit from this synergy that’s created results for so many other sales and marketing organizations.

I’ve previously written about the power of surrounding yourself with successful people. The Revenue Roundtable also offers the unique opportunity to work exclusively with other top sales and marketing executives to focus your efforts on fostering revenue growth.

As a Revenue Roundtable member, you’ll enjoy:

  1. In-depth, advanced coaching from Todd and me to empower the high-value conversations with your prospects and customers that drive rapid revenue growth.
  2. Inside strategies that result from an alliance of professional peers who not only understand your challenges, but have also personally overcome them.
  3. Accountability to keep yourself moving forward toward ultimate success, no matter what.
  4. Constructive feedback and resources that a confidential group of this level can provide.
  5. The mastermind perspective that only qualified outsiders can bring to help you see your business and your challenges from new angles.

We’re filling groups now, so if you’re interested in discovering more, visit our Revenue Roundtable page or contact me directly at

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