Does Your Organization Have a Clear Destination?

Does your organization have a clear strategic direction?

Or are you struggling with too many destinations? Or no destination at all?

The first task of every leader is to paint a clear vision of your destination. In other words, what does winning look like? Once you understand that, you’ll need to define exactly what it’s going to take to get there.

A team without that kind of clarity will struggle to row in the same direction. Individual
team members will simply make their own decisions. They’ll pursue their own agendas. They’ll act in their own interest. It’s not selfish, necessarily. You simply haven’t given them a direction by defining the needs of the organization.

Here’s a brief example:

Consider a high-end resort with a multitude of departments: reservations, housekeeping, guest services, room service, an in-house restaurant, recreation and more.

It would be easy for each of these departments to get wrapped up in their own individual initiatives. Perhaps the director of room service wants to update the menu to feature more local cuisine. Maybe the head of recreation wants new, lighter kayaks so his team doesn’t have to struggle with dragging the old ones down to the beach every day. Maybe the in-house restaurant is struggling with their new host staff, who are all new hires. Without a greater vision, each of these departments will focus on their issues, to the exclusion of every other department—and without the resort’s greater goal in mind: Creating a world-class, unforgettable vacation experience that makes guests want to return again and again.

However, if each leader recognizes this as their true north, they’ll set their goals—and make their decisions—accordingly.

Sometimes, getting clear on your destination can be easier in a small business. With fewer people and resources, small businesses have to be crystal clear on winning. That being said, the bigger challenge for small businesses comes from staying focused on that destination.

Entrepreneurial leaders and owners tend to see opportunities everywhere. Sometimes, this is because they fear missing out on something good. However, just because an opportunity lies within reach doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to serve you and your business well.

One of the worst mistakes that small businesses make is to chase too many things. As a result, they do none of them well.

As you choose your destination, choose it carefully. Stick to your guns with your team members, as well as when new opportunities arise. Your business will thrive under this more focused approach.

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