The Four Things You Must Accomplish in Every Customer Conversation to Win More Deals

Four Things You Must Accomplish in Every Customer Conversation

To close more deals in a competitive market, you need to stand out from your competition. This all starts with positioning yourself not just as a sales person but as a trusted business advisor to your clients, one who also has the best solution for their problems. This positioning will help you—and your solution—stand apart from the crowd and clearly demonstrate why your customers should choose you every time.

In order to make this happen, every conversation with your customers and potential customers MUST include the following four things.

And before you think that this is entirely a "sales" issue, I’d like to argue that a customer "conversation" is any interaction you have with your customers. Of course, this includes sales calls, but it also includes many of the items that traditionally fall under the purview of marketing: a brochure, your website, a follow-up email—and more.

Take a look at the following "musts" and see how your sales and marketing conversations rate.

  1. Do you add value by offering your customers industry insights?
    As the expert in your field, you can add tremendous value—and stand out from your competition—by advising your customer on industry-wide problems, potential threats and opportunities. This positions you as not just a sales person, but an industry expert who can help your customers thrive.
  2. Do you help them see unrecognized problems or new solutions?
    Many customers already have a solution in mind when you sit down to talk with them. However, if you can offer some outside perspective that identifies a problem they might not have recognized or a solution that offers a better result than the one they original envisioned, you’ll add tremendous value to your customers. They’ll think of you first when they have a business need.
  3. Do you articulate exactly why your customers should choose you over your competition?
    So many people shy away from this direct conversation, but it’s a missed opportunity. Show your customers that you know your industry inside and out—and you can save them valuable research time. Tell them up front: What do you share in common with your competitors? What makes you different? What makes you the best choice?
  4. Do you tie the buying decision to the decision maker’s business drivers?
    If you want to get a quick approval from the person with the power to make a decision, position your solution as the one that will move the needle on the issue that matters most to the primary decision maker. If you can help that executive reach his or her goals, you’ll have a sale.

When you can incorporate each of these elements into your customer conversations, you’ll create a memorable experience for your customers by adding tremendous value to your relationship. You’ll also position yourself as the "go-resource" that your customers will call first when they need their next solution, setting yourself up for continued revenue growth in the coming year.

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