Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, Episode #14: Equip and Inspire Your Team to Greater Levels of Success

Equip and Inspire Your Team to Greater Levels of Success

Many executives aspire to be great leaders. However, being a great leader isn’t enough. Your team members need more from you. They also need you to be a great manager.

Leadership and management are like the two wheels of a bicycle: 

  • The front wheel sets the direction of the bicycle. That’s what leadership is about.
  • The back wheel of the bicycle provides the forward momentum and engagement. That’s what management does.

When you can get the whole bicycle moving, you’ll create a team who’s inspired and engaged to turn your company’s vision into reality. If you need to break through the ceiling and reach a new level of success, mastering the ability to be a great manager will help you get there.

We’ll walk you through it in the newest episode of the Growing Leaders, Growing Companies podcast. 

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