Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, Episode #5 – CEO Peer Groups – The High-Level Solution to Executive Challenges

CEO Peer Groups - The High-Level Solution to Executive Challenges

We brought special guest, George Satula of Vistage Worldwide, on the podcast to discuss a powerful strategy that a small, tight-knit group of CEOs and executives have tapped into. In fact, this strategy has helped some companies grow 2.2x faster than other small to medium-sized businesses.

We’re talking about masterminds, and specifically a form these groups have taken in recent years: CEO peer groups.

Within these groups, executives like you can find a place where you can:

  • Confidentially discuss the real truth about the issues in your organization—and how to deal with those challenges to create year-over-year growth.
  • Find people who will hold you accountable to your vision, something that’s often hard to come by at the top level of management.
  • Continue your personal and professional relationship in a high-level environment to help you become a truly great leader.

And even though this idea was first put forth in 1937, we’ll show you how its modern form can help you get more out your business.

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