Growing Leaders, Growing Companies Episode #8: Simplify Your Business for Greater Focus and Momentum

The Leadership Ability to Simplify

Organizations aren’t inherently designed to be simple and efficient. However, when complexity creeps into your organization, confusion takes over.

Without the clarity of simplicity, it’s not obvious what activities are moving the needle in your business. Plus, with you and your team’s energy scattered, it’s nearly impossible to build momentum and create traction for growth.

That’s why it’s critical to cultivate the ability to simplify, one of the Five Leadership Abilities within the Entrepreneurial Operating System, created by Gino Wickman.

In this new episode of Growing Leaders, Growing Companies, we’ll show you a simpler lens through which to view your business to eliminate complexity and confusion. We’ll also share a simple strategy that will help you and your team hone your ability to simplify, freeing up your organization to create the growth it deserves.

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