Kevin McArdle Featured in C-Level Magazine

C-Level Magazine FeatureIs your company losing business to competitors who offer less value? Are you experiencing downward price pressure? In this interview with C-Level Magazine, Kevin McArdle discusses why this can happen so easily to so many businesses—and how to put a stop to it.

Read “Is Your Sales Message Costing Your Company Business? Probably.” on the C-Level Magazine website.

For 10 consecutive years, according to Forrester Research, the growth rate of marketing and sales expense has consistently outpaced revenue. The gap between sales and marketing investment and the results is large and growing.

What’s behind the trend? Organizations fail to have the level – and types – of customer conversations required to effectively drive revenue. They’re stuck in old world thinking about marketing and sales, customers and prospects are bombarded with messaging from all mediums, and the customer conversation needs strengthening.

Discover how to strengthen your customer conversations and win more deals in the full article.

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