People Problems, Constant Crisis and Too Much Stress for Not Enough Profit: Are You Experiencing These Business Frustrations?

Level 10 MeetingsWhen I sit down with a new prospect or client, I always ask the question:

What do you really want from your business?

Sometimes, people are experiencing such strong business frustrations that it takes them a while to articulate the answers. Often, they come out in the form of frustrations they’re currently experiencing. But when they finally put their fingers on it, these leaders give me answers that typically fall into one of the three categories below.

Are you experiencing any of these business frustrations? If so, you’ll find the solution at the end of this blog that can restore sanity to your organization and help you create significant traction for growth.

Theme #1: The Business and Its Performance

The frustrations I hear in this category go something like this:

  • “I want my business to really work. I’m tired of something always going wrong just when it feels like things are going my way.”
  • I want good people to delegate to, people I can trust to get things done right the first time. I’m frustrated with some of my employees. I can’t seem to find enough of the good ones.”
  • I want to stop fighting fires every single day. I’m tired of crisis and reactionary management. I put out one fire and then the next morning I come in and there’s just another fire put to me in the first place.”
  • There are people that I don’t want to work with anymore. I’ve got a vendor, a customer, a partner or an employee who’s a bad fit for us. They just aren’t worth the hassle, but they’re so valuable that I’m afraid of what getting rid of them might cost me.”

Do these sound familiar? Or maybe your business frustrations fall more into the second theme:

Theme #2: Personal and Professional Life

In this category, I hear things like:

  • I need to see more profit in my business. I work so hard, and I risk so much without getting the financial return that I feel like I could. I want my debts paid up, I want good cash flow, and I want the money left over for some of the wonderful things that I’ve always wanted to do in life.”
  • “I want to get a good night’s sleep. I have too much to do, and I’m constantly worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow in my business. For once, I’d like to be able to walk into the office in the morning without finding a crisis waiting for me.
  • I’d like to take a real vacation for one, two, or even three weeks. I want to know that everything’s going be fine when I get back and there won’t be a giant mess waiting for me.”

You may also recognize yourself in the third category:

Theme #3: Dreams About the Future

  • I want to build my business into a legacy. I want to pass it on to someone like my children, my employees or a good buyer who will continue my life’s work and maintain the reputation I built.”
  • “I want a business I can sell later to secure my retirement and my family’s future.”

If Any of These Business Frustrations or Desires Sound Familiar, There Is a Solution

It’s time to get a grip on your business. It starts by understanding the six key components of your business, strengthening them and aligning them to work together. Those six components are:

  1. Vision – Articulating where your company is going and how you’re going to get there.
  2. People – Getting the right people in the right seats.
  3. Data – Cutting through the subjective measures and boil your organization down to good, hard data.
  4. Issues – Removing any obstacles or barriers that stand in the way of your vision.
  5. Process – Systematizing the business so it becomes more effective, more efficient and more fun.
  6. Traction – Leveraging discipline and accountability to make your vision a reality.

When you can implement a system in your organization that harmoniously orchestrates all of these moving parts, you’ll create a functional, healthy business. You’ll also set yourself up to get exactly what you want out of your business, whether that’s eliminating your frustrations or laying the groundwork to fulfill your business dreams.

It’s called the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and I’d be happy to give you the insights on how exactly how to implement it in your organization.

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