The Revenue Roundtable

A Marketing and Sales Mastermind for Growing Businesses

The Revenue Roundtable

Fostering New Levels of Excellence

Imagine being invited to join a peer group of the most influential people in your profession to discuss business strategy, share hard-earned knowledge and trade constructive criticism. It’s a rare opportunity.

That’s what the Revenue Roundtable is all about.

We personally invite you to join this elite group of marketing and sales leaders and achieve a new level of excellence.

The Power of a Mastermind

The Revenue Roundtable gathers marketing and sales professionals who, like you, have already achieved mastery in many aspects of business but want to boldly drive revenue growth by improving the conversations they have with their customers to win more deals.

Membership presents you the opportunity to leverage the combined resources of a select few. It gives you the power and focus you need to dramatically improve growth—and profitability.

When you join the Revenue Roundtable, you’ll enjoy:

  1. In-depth, advanced training to empower the high-value conversations with your prospects and customers that drive rapid revenue growth.
  2. Inside strategies that result from an alliance of professional peers who not only understand your challenges, but have also personally overcome them.
  3. Accountability to keep yourself moving forward toward ultimate success, no matter what.
  4. Constructive feedback and resources that a confidential group of this level can provide.
  5. The mastermind perspective that only qualified outsiders can bring to help you see your business and your challenges from new angles.

All of the group’s activities happen under the leadership of Kevin McArdle and Todd Alexander. Kevin’s 30+ years of creating high-level, organization-wide sales and marketing results and Todd’s 30+ years of leading sales success at every level of an organization are simply unmatched in the industry.

The Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Revenue Roundtable mastermind, you will enjoy:

The Benefits of the Revenue Roundtable

  • A monthly, in-person, half-day mastermind meeting that includes high-level sales and marketing training, structured roundtable discussion and networking to hone your skill set, infuse your business with new ideas, gather input and strategies from the group and focus your progress.
  • A one-on-one “Kick Start” Coaching Session with Kevin or Todd to define your challenges and build a personalized plan at the program’s start.
  • A members’ only website with recordings of mastermind trainings, an archive of weekly strategy calls and a robust library of practical best practices tools.
  • Five additional Breakthrough Coaching Sessions to accelerate your success and focus your efforts where you need them most.
  • VIP event tickets to the Revenue Roundtable annual B2B business growth summit to reinforce your learning and build mastery.
  • The Mastery Book Clubone personally selected book per month to build your personal success library.
  • A dedicated peer group of masters in training to offer you support and inspiration along the way.

The Revenue Roundtable is not only your path toward absolute excellence in leadership and strategy. It’s also your invitation to join a peer group that offers you fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a path toward stronger growth. And those are just the start of the results you’ll experience.

To Become the Best, You Have to Surround Yourself with the Best

Get a New Perspective

The Revenue Roundtable offers you the advanced training, professional insights and unique perspective you simply won’t find anywhere else. You’ll get the extra edge you need to compete, deliver and excel at the highest level, in everything that you do.

Invest in your future—and the future of your organization. Apply today.

Because of the exclusive nature of the program, it is strictly limited by numbers and is offered through invitation only. Confidentiality and discretion are contractually guaranteed.

To apply to join the Revenue Roundtable mastermind, please contact:

Kevin McArdle

Todd Alexander

Or call: 866.210.6434