Three Steps to Creating Insights That Drive Action

Add urgency to your customers' problems

In my last post, I discussed how powerful insights can be for shortening your sales cycle. Using insights effectively in your sales process all comes down to one thing: creating the provocative insights that drive your customers’ and prospects’ decisions.

Creating these provocative insights comes down to three steps:

Step #1: You need to challenge your customers’ assumptions 
Every one of your prospects has what I call a “status quo frame,” a way they’re looking at their company and at the world. This frame comes with assumptions, and your insight needs to challenge these assumptions in order to help them see their world in a new and different way. When you challenge a prospect’s status quo, you can create an incentive to change and, ultimately, choose you as the instrument of that change. You’ll plant the seed for yourself as that instrument of change using the next two steps.

Step #2: You need to amplify the needs around your solution and the problem your customer’s experiencing in the absence of your value. 
I’m not talking about creating pain that isn’t there, but I am talking about discussing with your customer what he or she is experiencing in the absence of your value. What’s the problem your customer is experiencing and how much is it costing the company? Then, you’ll want to create an insight that amplifies those needs. For example, if your solution allows your clients to cut production time by two days and ship products faster, see if you can uncover some statistics about the importance of delivery time to show you client how important your solution really is. You might also consider calculating how many more products they could make with this new shortened production cycle to show them how much revenue they’re losing as a result of this longer production cycle. Either insight will do the job of making their needs more tangible and, therefore, more important.

Step #3: Make the connection and align your product or service with the insight.
Don’t leave it to chance. Make sure to tie your product or service directly to the insight that you’re sharing with your customers. This might sound simple, but it’s important to clarify this as it’s the shiny red bow on the package, the one that will make your insight has the desired effect—to help your team close more deals.

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